Natco Sorafenib 200mg Price | Sorafenat Sorafenib Tablets | Indian Generic Oncology medicine

Natco Pharma Limited has manufactured Sorafenat Tablets – a fixed dose combination medicine containing Sorafenib 200mg for the treatment of liver cancer, thyroid cancer, or a type of kidney cancer called advanced renal cell carcinoma. Find Indian generic Sorafenib in a packing of 120 tablets at SorafenibPrice, leading cancer Drugs Supplier, at budget-friendly prices, Ring: +91-9873336444, QQ: We believe in promoting only quality products that are reviewed by our staff thoroughly, before we will offer it to any of our customers. Our company believe in fair and competitive pricing, we will do our utmost to supply the products that we provide at the absolute best available price.


About OddwayInternational

Oddway International supplies all kind of Anti cancer drugs, HIV drugs,Hepatitis Drugs for Erectile dysfunction and many other categories of drugs. To provide advantage and full satisfaction to our customer, we provide fastest shipping and deliver medicines on discounted prices. For order you can call us at 00919871336968 and you can also email us at
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